Here's How to Join the MacBook Pro Crappy Keyboard Class Action Lawsuit


Consumers have reported that Apple's new keyboard has resulted in sticky and unresponsive keys, which interfere with a user's ability to type.

TechRepublic reports that the controversy surrounding the butterfly-switch keyboards in Apple's recent laptops is growing. The suit alleges that the keyboards are defective and that "thousands" of consumers have been impacted by the problem.

Because typing is the primary goal of laptops, over time, consumers have become more and more frustrated with the keyboard defect. Within two days, the petition received almost 7,500 signatures. Apple introduced these keyboards with the MacBook in 2015 and brought them to the MacBook Pro the following year.

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According to the proposed class, "all persons within the United States who purchased, other than for resale, a model year 2015 or later Apple MacBook, or a model year 2016 or later MacBook Pro laptop, equipped with a "butterfly" keyboard" are invited to the party. There have been no indications of this in the rumor mill so far, though that's not to say Apple isn't hard at work on a solution. They also added that the 2017 model of the MacBook Pro is fairing slightly better, "but not by a lot".

Meanwhile, a petition calling on Apple to replace the MacBook Pro's keyboard design with a more reliable alternative now boasts more than 23,000 signatures.

While Apple does provide a one-year warranty on the laptops, along with a support page that details how to properly clean the keyboard, the company has done little to take steps in mitigating the situation or preventing the keyboard from failing at all.