Defense Correspondent Ben-Yishai Calls for Russia To Broker Israel-Iran Ceasefire


According to reports, Netanyahu informed Putin of impending strikes on Iranian military targets in Syria, and at least passively received Putin's blessing. "Tehran is well aware that a confrontation with Israel doesn't help in that direction", he said, adding that Iran does not want to give Israel a pretext for launching a land incursion into Syria that could threaten Assad. And though Nice Britain and France had joined the USA earlier in taking out a Syrian weapons facility, they selected this time to face with Iran towards Israel and the US.

President Trump's decision means the United States will be re-imposing trade sanctions that will affect companies seeking to trade with Iran since the deal was put into place. The one thing to be sure of is to keep your eyes on Iran.

In Lebanon, Israel, US and Saudi Arabia have a good example of the morass they would be getting into because they failed, despite determined efforts over 36 years, to change the balance of power there against Iran and its ally, Hezbollah.

Rabbi Marc Schneier, President of the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding, said that despite Jerusalem's ominous findings, the new development offered an opportunity for Israel to forge closer security ties with its Arab neighbors in beating back the threat Iran poses to the region. If Iran chooses to retaliate it is likely to be indirect and asymmetrical through proxies, and not necessarily from Syria.

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The key to preventing conflict between Iran and Israel from spiraling out of control will be Russian Federation, analysts said. He might easily provoke a crisis with Iran from which the USA suddenly detaches itself - something like this happened to the Syrian Kurds earlier in the year - or he could one day stumble, along with his allies in Tel Aviv and Riyadh, into a war with Iran through sheer ignorance and miscalculation. In February, all it took was a phone call from Putin to stop Israel from continuing airstrikes in Syria after an alleged Iranian drone entered Israeli airspace. That harsher response from Moscow may have come because the Israeli strikes occurred amid heightened worldwide tensions and impending US-led strikes on Syria over alleged chemical weapons use. The Iranian mission has the approval of Syria's internationally recognized government.

"Israel has proven without a doubt that Iran has lied repeatedly over the years about its nuclear program. The Russians will not allow it to cross a certain threshold", he said.

Nasrallah claimed Israel had not struck strategically significant targets during its attacks in Syria.

"Netanyahu's presentation demonstrates the incredible Israeli intelligence capabilities which prove that the Iranian aspirations for nuclear abilities are still in the works, including funding", Avital Leibovich, director of the American Jewish Committee (AJC) in Israel, told The Jerusalem Post via email. "As long as USA doesn't join forces with Israel against Iran, the Russians are fine with Israel having some ability to attack". The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), on 8 May, reminded the world that Iran was keeping to its 'nuclear-related commitments'and that "Iran is subject to the world's most robust nuclear verification regime". "If anyone is able to do it Russian Federation is in the best position to mitigate conflict". You can sign up to receive it directly here.