Canada condemns opening of Crimean bridge by Russian Federation


Russia's completion and inauguration of the Kerch Strait Bridge which connects Crimea with mainland Russian Federation, has driven the Western purveyors of geopolitics into a frenzy, the most extreme example of which was the proposal in today's Washington Examiner by psychotic "journalist" Tom Rogan that Ukraine bomb the bridge-a clear incitement to terrorism.

"The article by Tom Rogan, placed in the public domain on the Internet, contains signs of public calls for terrorist activities on the territory of the Russian Federation that have the objective of destabilizing the activities of its governmental bodies and influencing their decision-making", it said in a statement.

Russian law allows authorities to launch criminal cases against foreign citizens and into crimes committed outside Russian territory when such crimes infringe the rights of Russian citizens or companies and also in cases when basic human rights are violated. As part of this investigation, Priymachok and other officers of the Military Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine ignored provisions of Russian legislation and global law, and illegally prosecuted 19 judges of the Russian Constitutional Court because they approved a decree declaring the agreement between Russia and Crimea constitutional, the Investigative Committee reported. The bridge will provide transportation between the peninsula and mainland Russian Federation.

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As previously reported "FACTS" in the Internet-the Washington Examiner on 15 may there was a column authored by Tom Rogan, which stated that Ukraine needs to blow up the elements of the Crimean bridge.

In another opinion piece on Thursday, Rogan cast himself as a victim, saying that "Russian bots" have sent him and his family death threats on Twitter. As proof, Rogan offered the July 2014 downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, which he says was "committed by Russian agents with Russian weapons".