BMW showed a teaser of the future of electric cars with autopilot


BMW is looking to rekindle consumer excitement after a few subdued years during which Mercedes took the lead in luxury vehicle sales with a revamped model lineup featuring vehicles such as the GLC crossover and a reworked sporty A class. As well as publishing this rather unrevealing teaser image, BMW has also confirmed the vehicle itself will be unveiled in all its electrified glory later this year. The iNext, discussed several times by BMW over the previous year, will be a pure electric vehicle that will serve as a introduction to what all new BMW's will eventually be like. We've heard that it would be some sort of SUV.

"The iNEXT project is our building kit for the future".

Being a technological flagship for BMW, the iNext will incorporate multiple technologies that will define the automaker's cars going into the future, the three main ones being electric propulsion, self-driving capability and advanced interfaces.

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Last year, BMW's head of sales and marketing, Ian Robertson, casted doubts on Tesla's ability to produce Model 3 in volume at $35,000 and in the process, he said that the iNext will be the real competitor in the same segment. BMW iNEXT Concept will be fully electric, fully connected and highly automated vehicle. Level 3 means the driver can let go of the wheel and even look away for extended periods, though they have to be ready to take over within seconds.

The iNext will be one of 12 electric cars that the BMW Group will launch by the end of 2025. Details of the system are largely unknown at this time, but are expected to include new gesture controls for the entertainment and climate control systems.

Dubbed the BMW iNEXT, the new EV is set to enter production in 2021. The iNext is scheduled to become available for sale to customers in 2021.