Assad meets with Putin in Russian Federation


President Vladimir Putin says Russian Federation will maintain a high tempo of modernizing its military arsenals this year.

"The Syrian president has made the decision to send his part of a delegation to form the Constitutional Committee that is to work on Syria's constitutional law".

Putin said "much has already been done within the Astana process". Support allies Russian Federation and Iran played a crucial role in the Syrian military reversing gains by rebels and jihadis, and Putin congratulated his Syrian counterpart on "the significant success of the Syrian government army in the fight against terrorist groups", which he should be followed by "a full-fledged political process".

"The next task, of course, the economic recovery and humanitarian aid for those people in a hard situation", Mr Putin added.

Assad, in turn, congratulated Putin on his re-election in March and reported "many positive changes" in Syria, including the reduction of territory controlled by insurgents and the return of "hundreds of thousands of Syrians" displaced by the conflict.

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"We expect support from the United Nations and all countries that are interested in the settlement of the Syrian crisis", the Russian president said. "But with you and other partners and friends, we will continue to make strong progress in the peace process", Mr Assad was quoted as saying in the statement.

"This stability is a wide door opened for the political process", Assad told Putin, according to the report.

Russian television broadcast short clips from the two men's discussion.

Thursday's meeting was the latest in a series of conferences on military issues Putin chaired this week at his Black Sea retreat.