Argentina investigate World Cup guide on flirting with Russian women


The booklet - which includes nuggets of wisdom such as "Look clean, smell nice and dress well" - was distributed to dozens of Argentine sports reporters at a free, AFA-sponsored course on Russian language and culture, according to the BBC.

But the section of the guide sparked uproar, according to reports in Argentina, and has been scrapped.

The educational course held at AFA headquarters in Buenos Aires was intended for 'executives, players, coaches and journalists who will be at the World Cup, ' the federation said.

Setting aside the obvious dubious morals of the whole exercise, it turns out that the manual's author, Eduardo Pennisi, believes Russian women have the same standards as pretty much everyone else on Earth.

Another read: "Do not try to impress the girl in the wrong way". Pay attention to their values and personality. In addition, experts in the art of seduction the Russians advised the readers to take the initiative and start communicating with a number of girls. "Don't be negative. Don't ask the same old questions, be original". If you don't have it, practise with other women beforehand. "Maybe they want that too, but they are also persons who want to feel important and unique".

Russian Playboy model Maria Liman has been accused of having an affair with a wealthy businessman by his jealous wife. "Do not ask the identical previous questions, be authentic". "For Russians, intercourse is one thing very personal and never mentioned in public".

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At the end, the manual said: "You will of course find girls that only pay attention to the material things, money, if you are attractive..." "If you don't have confidence in yourself then you need to practice speaking with many women".

Half method by way of the three-hour assembly, as pictures from the guide appeared on the web. employees reportedly began going around the room eradicating the guides.

It is not clear if any players or staff were attending.

"We express our most honest apologies to those that were affected by the publication which in no way reflects the thinking of the Argentina Football Association, nor of its president Claudio Tapia or any of its executives", a statement from the AFA said.

He said he has done "nothing bad" and criticised those who had posted the material online "in bad faith".

After the manual was handed out, an official from the AFA realized the chapter didn't paint the organization in the best light and tried to collect all copies of the questionable chapter.