Amazon partners-up to offer easy Ethereum-based blockchain software


Steve Cerveny, one of the founders of Kaleido, said in a report by CNBC, "Customers can focus on their scenario and don't have to become PhDs in cryptography".

"Many of today's discussions around blockchain technology remind me of the classic Shimmer Floor Wax skit".

For ConsenSys, the goal is simple: build a decentralized world by conquering the complexities of blockchain for enterprises and driving seamless adoption.

Now, however, e-commerce giant Amazon's arm has tied up with Kaleido, which was born out of Lubin's incubator ConsenSys, for a blockchain partnership.

The Kaleido platform is created to offer companies the immutable security of a public blockchain without compromising the flexibility of private networks in what the companies call a "private-public" approach to blockchain operations. Lubin said Consensys, which oversees more than 50 blockchain projects, has seen a major increase in interest around the technology.

Partner of the Year: Powerupcloud Technologies India Private Limited has won the award for its marquee wins across the industry, achieving Premier Consulting Partner status, and for competencies in the Big Data and DevOps space. These private networks offer all the benefits of the underlying blockchain technology, while maintaining the necessary levels of security and performance.

ConsenSys Kaleido-2
Amazon Opening Its Door to Blockchain After Signing New Partnership

Plus, the platform offers a "state relay" between a private chain (like a chain setup by a group of enterprises) and a public blockchain.

Hyperledger and R3 are examples of private blockchain solutions.

Kaleido will run on AWS and will enable users to seamlessly connect to other AWS services like Amazon Athena, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, Amazon S3, Amazon EMR, and more. "Anchoring can occur automatically at regular checkpoints to provide greater "proof of settlement finality" over all transactions, as well as on demand for specific events such as a high value trade", Cerveny explained.

"We look forward to continuing our work with Verizon as their preferred public cloud provider, helping them to continually transform their business and innovate on behalf of their customers", Mike Clayville, AWS's VP of Worldwide Commercial Sales, said in a statement.

During this process, customers face new core technologies and need help with the unique "shared IT" aspect of blockchain, where everyone controls a piece of the network, but there isn't one entity in control of the entire network.

Kaleido is a blockchain business cloud, and enterprise is in its DNA.

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