SmugMug acquires Flickr from Yahoo


"Uniting the SmugMug and Flickr brands will make the whole photography community stronger and better connected", SmugMug CEO Don MacAskill said in a statement.

Photo management platform SmugMug said on Friday it has agreed to buy popular image and video-hosting website Flickr for an undisclosed amount.

Traffic has contracted from its peak but Flickr claims to have over 75 million photographers who have registered in hits site and over 100 million unique users that post billions of different photos.

Service to store and publish the photos Flickr, nahodivshihsya the last 13 years under the control of Yahoo, became the property of SmugMug.

Oath has started to weed out some of its assets after merging AOL and Yahoo. Friendships were forged on Flickr as people shared photographs and others commented on them.

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Along the way, with the rise of new social media channels, including Facebook and the photo-dominant Instagram, it's always seemed like Flickr could disappear at any moment.

SmugMug, founded in 2002, has never accepted any money from outside investors nor entertained any offers of a buyout.

"After almost 14 years at Yahoo and Oath, we're moving to a smaller, more photography-focused family, which we think will be great for Flickr and for you", Flickr said.

SmugMug has been able to cater to those looking for privacy and willing to pay for it through four types of subscriptions to appeal to both novice photographers and professionals.

Flickr, the longtime, online photo-sharing community that has changed hands a few times in its 14-year history, has been acquired by SmugMug, the independent photo-sharing and storage company. "This is a new model for me", he said. "If they eventually tie the two together, I'd love to have seamless integration between my SmugMug site and what I share to Flickr". Founded in 2004 by Stewart Butterfield and his then-wife, Caterina Fake, Flickr was sold a year later to Yahoo for $35 million after the service gained a massive following.