Robert De Niro's Robert Mueller Grills Ben Stiller's Michael Cohen


The Saturday Night Live cold open is once again keeping on top of the Donald Trump headlines that have been infecting the news cycle since his inauguration - but this time Alec Baldwin is taking a break as POTUS. In addition to mock versions of Jeff Sessions and Vice President Mike Pence, Ben Stiller appeared as the president's lawyer Michael Cohen who recently had his office raided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in regards to the Stormy Daniels scandal.

Ben Stiller lampooned Michael Cohen tonight as Saturday Night Live took on the Trump lawyer after his office was raided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. "Looking for something Mr. Cohen?"

Cohen is eventually told to go down the hall...and he ends up walking into a room where Robert Mueller is waiting for him with a lie detector.

The show even got a chance to make a callout to De Niro and Stiller's famous "Can you milk me?" scene in the duo's 2000 comedy "Meet the Parents".

"I'll start with some easy ones: Did ya like the pee pee tape?"

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Reports after the raid indicate that Cohen may have routinely made recordings of phone conversations-including of conversations with Stormy Daniels former lawyer.

"If you are innocent you have nothing to worry about", says Mueller.

At one point Cohen's admission that he was trying to "milk information" led to a reprisal of another "Parents" moment, the actors' exchange over whether a cat could be milked. "You can milk anything with nipples".

He also shared the internal nicknames that they use for everyone on Trump's team, saying Trump has gone from "Putin's little bitch" to "Stormy's little bitch". The segment ended with De Niro telling Ben Stiller's Cohen "You broke the law and we're gonna catch you little fockers".