Power Restored in Puerto Rico


A view of a street during an island-wide power outtage in San Juan, Puerto Rico, 18 April 2018.

Maria, the worst storm to hit the island in 90 years, devastated Puerto Rico's electrical grid, and thousands were still without power at the time of Wednesday's blackout.

The island registered the greatest government personal bankruptcy in US background this past year, using $71.5 billion of bond debt and £ 50 billion in retirement obligations.

In recent months, the island has experienced a series of small, regional blackouts as well as wide-ranging outages, such as one last week that left almost 1 million people without power.

Puerto Rico's power company said it had restored power to over 1.1 million homes and businesses by Thursday morning after a transmission line failure cut service to nearly all of the island's 3.4 million residents the day before.

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According to Biobelemoye, the agreed terms were meant to be implemented within five weeks but he alleged that nothing has been done till date.

PREPA said on Twitter that several power plants were back in service, including units at Central Aguirre, EcoElectrica, Central Costa Sur, Yabucoa and Palo Seco. The equipment was being operated by a subcontractor for Cobra Acquisitions.

PREPA's interim director, Justo Gonzalez, told the local Telemundo news station that his workers are investigating whether the outage was caused by an internal failure or an external force. Rosselló is pushing a bill to privatize the power system.

Rossello's statement came within a hearing by the federally-appointed oversight board, which is tasked with helping the island regain entry to cash economies under the scourges of bankruptcy and all-natural tragedy.

The board's prepare forecasts £6.7 billion indebted payment potential for Puerto Rico throughout 2023, which is almost $9 billion short of everything the island owes in that time.