Ford revives Cobra Jet Mustang, says it's the quickest pony yet


It might be slower in a straight line, compared to the 2018 Mustang Cobra Jet, but the devilish Dodge will still have the upper hand for enthusiasts who actually want to drive their cars on the road.

The original cars packed 335 hp courtesy of a 428-cubic-inch V8 (sporting high-flow 427 heads) crammed into a lightweight race-prepped pony auto body; the idea was to win the 1968 NHRA Winternationals, and the Cobra Jet succeeded, breaking into the 11s in the process. That began a long legacy of cars that eschew public roads in favor of track use.

Ford will reveal its full design and additional specifications this summer, but says the auto will be able to run mid-8-second quarter-miles at a trap speed over 150 mph. Ford is coy about the power output, but given the weight of the vehicle and the speeds it can achieve, we can safely assume that it has more than 800 horsepower under that lightweight hood. It'll keep going, too, to over 150 miles per hour.

Ford teases Mustang Cobra Jet - 'mid-8-second' quarter mile
The 2018 Cobra Jet Is Right Around The Corner & It's The Wildest Factory Muscle Car yet!

In 1968, Ford had had just about enough of Hemi-powered Mopar cars stealing their lunch money and went full-hog on a 428 cubic-inch, big-block Mustang dubbed the Cobra Jet. It includes a supercharged 5.2-liter Coyote V8 and unique four-link rear suspension, along with a Ford 9-inch solid rear axle from Strange Engineering. Inside there's an NHRA-certified roll cage, along with Racetech FIA seats.

It's not every day people get to choose how well their factory-built Hot Rod Association-legal looks, is it? Owners will be able to use the auto at National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) drag racing events, with the new Cobra Jet also eligible for several National Mustang Racers Association and National Muscle vehicle Association classes.

If you're looking to add one to your stable, the final 2018 Mustang Cobra Jet ordering and product specifications will be released this summer. The new race auto will officially go on sale this summer, at which point we will get more details on the quickest factory-built Ford Mustang ever.

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