Dog bites woman during argument on NYC subway


Witness Tahysi Kyng told the station that the tension escalated when the dog's owner placed the pet on the seat next to the woman and she objected.

The dog bumped a young woman who was already seated prompting the woman to get into an argument with the dog's owner.

The woman and the pet owner then started fighting, according to eyewitness Denise Leon, with the dog that was standing between them suddenly joining in.

When the dog is finally pried off the woman with her sneaker still in its mouth, the owner throws the sneaker at the passenger.

One woman yells: "Call the police".

"You're not telling the dog to release", another man shouts at the owner. "They started fighting and everybody tried to break it up, the dog latched onto her", Tahsyi Kyng told ABC 7. "The dog sat on my foot and I really didn't mind it much", TahSyi said.

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Seconds later, King's recording shows the man punching the woman several times in the face, while the pitbull took a bite of her shoe.

"He was like, "don't touch my dog" and he started hitting". She shoved the dog off again.

Tahsyi says while it seems like the woman was the one who sparked the fight, the dog should have been in a kennel or had a muzzle on it.

The dog's owner violated Metropolitan Transportation Authority rules about nonservice animals inside containers when bringing them on board.

The case has since been reported to the police and they're looking for the owner.

"What's happening in this video is disturbing. We flagged this video for NYPD, which is responsible for enforcing Transit rules".