Demi Lovato reveals she had suicidal thoughts at age seven


Demi Lovato revealed on Tuesday that she first contemplated suicide at age seven and claimed school bullies sent around a "suicide petition" targeting her in elementary school.

"The very first time I was suicidal was when I was seven and I had this fascination with death", admitted Lovato. "I have experienced things that I've not talked about, that I don't know if I ever will talk about". "And if I could tell anybody that's thinking about taking their own life, is to reach out to people".

Lovato said the thoughts returned "several times", including when she was "bullied" and struggling with depression and bipolar disorder.

While Lovato has sought help for depression, addictions to drugs and alcohol, an eating disorder and bipolar disorder, she said those suicidal thoughts have crept back into her mind during hard moments.

Demi revealed that it got to the point where her mom, 'was afraid to wake me up in the mornings because she didn't know if she opened the door if I would be alive or not. The singer recalled that her cuts would get deeper and deeper. "But I'm growing, and I'm in a really good place today".

She said: "I think the everlasting addiction in my life has been food. I feel like I've conquered my addiction and alcoholism in a way that I don't even think about it anymore".

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Speaking up about how bullying impacted her self-confidence, Demi said: "When I was bullied when I was 12, I was searching for something to numb me out, and to fit in".

Last Thursday, the Disney alum celebrated a new milestone in her recovery journey: six years of sobriety.

"He passed away when I was 20. And you'll be able to show that light to so many people", Demi said, when asked what she'd tell her younger self. "A part of me hated him, a part of me loved him, a part of me felt sorry for him".

"It was driven by sadness", she explained. "I get through it OK".

Lovato, 25, spoke about suffering from suicidal thoughts during an interview with Dr. Phil.

"What keeps me on this path is there's a drive that I have to stay sober because I know that my life depends on it", she reflected. "My addiction was very severe to where I had several scares, and I knew that at the rate I was using and drinking, I wasn't going to live a long life".