You need to pay for extra save slots in Metal Gear Survive


Charging for a save slot is a new low when it comes to micro-transactions and the backlash has already begun.

Love (is not) a battlefield.

If you want to create a second character for Metal Gear Survive, it will cost you.

'METAL GEAR SURVIVE builds upon METAL GEAR SOLID V'S enduring stealth action gameplay while introducing the new elements of exploration and survival to create a bold new experience.

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Such things are impossible in Metal Gear Survive which relies heavily on microtransactions. Purchasing 1,150 SV coins on PSN, Steam or Xbox Live costs £7.99.

So how does it work? If you want to start a fresh playthrough, you've got to create a new character, which means you'll have to delete your original save or cough up 1,000 SV Coins.

Obviously, many players are upset over the issue, as you will see over on the ResetEra forums. There's no way to earn SV Coins in-game, so no amount of grinding will aid you in your quest for a new character slot. Alternatively, you can save a cent buying two sets of 550 coins or save $0.10 buying ten batches of 100 coins, but this still doesn't offer much change from $10. It is with Metal Gear Survive that they are out to prove that there is still life in the old dog yet - and surely a survival, base building zombie-esque spinoff will do the trick?