Republican candidate suspended from Twitter after posting racist Meghan Markle photo


Republican politician and Donald Trump supporter Nehlen reportedly superimposed a picture of Cheddar Man - the oldest skeleton to be recently found in the United Kingdom and was revealed to have dark skin - onto Meghan Markle's face.

Geneticists recently revealed that the almost 10,000-year-old Cheddar Man, which is known as Britain's oldest complete skeleton, would have had dark skin, black hair, and blue eyes.

With the Cheddar Man a hot topic in social media, Nehlen jumped on the subject with disastrous results. He wrote on his Twitter account, "Oh @pnehlen - you're a sad and sick man with no sense of shame or class. Get a life". "Way above your weight class".

Meanwhile, Markle and Adams became close friends after playing love interests Rachel Zane and Mike Ross on hit USA legal drama Suits. The two played the characters of Rachel Zane and Mike Ross, who were love interests in the series.

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In the tweet, he superimposed a picture on Markle's image of the reconstructed appearance of Cheddar Man, an ancient Briton who experts now believe was dark skinned after conducting DNA tests on his 9,000 year old remains. Reports indicate that Nehlen's post has encouraged racist tweets from other users who also superimposed photos of apes onto Markle's face.

Before his Twitter account was suspended over the controversy, Nehlen responded to the negative reaction with an explanation for his behavior. Spreading hatred (in this case against Jews) and posting phone numbers also violates 's terms of use, and 's account became the object of at least one "suspend" campaign at the weekend.

Nehlen is campaigning to replace House Speaker Paul Ryan as representative of Wisconsin's 1st Congressional district in November's primary.

It's not the first time that racists have made Meghan Markle their target since her relationship with Prince Harry was revealed. As for the recent racial comment about the actress, a spokesperson for Kensington Palace has declined to comment. The two are set to get married on May 19 at the Windsor Castle.