India's statements ignore facts, ground realities: Maldives govt


A day after expressing disapproval of extension of emergency by 30 days in Maldives, India on Thursday called for release of all political prisoners.

In what signals the further deterioration of diplomatic ties between India and Maldives, the island nation on Thursday accused New Delhi of "distorting facts" about the emergency imposed by President Abdulla Yameen.

".the public statements issued by the Government of India. ignore the facts and ground realities with regard to the ongoing political developments in the Maldives".

The Maldives has warned India against interfering in its political crisis, deepening a rift with the country once seen as its closest ally. It also said the delay in the resumption of the political process would impact the restoration of normalcy in the Maldives.

The US has urged Maldives to end a state of Emergency that has been in place in the country since the beginning of February.

Hours after Mishra had met Sareer, the Ministry of External Affairs said in New Delhi on Wednesday that the manner in which the extension was approved by the Majlis - the Maldives' parliament - is a "matter of concern".

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The UN human rights chief has described the imposition of a state of emergency following a power struggle with the Supreme Court as "an all-out assault on democracy".

However, the opposition leaders boycotted the session and called the extension illegal and unconstitutional.

Many legal experts, as well as the opposition also maintained that the vote was taken in contravention of the law, and that the state of emergency has expired.

The Maldives government statement on Thursday said, "There is no doubt that the Maldives is experiencing one of the most hard periods in the history of the nation".

"The Government of the Maldives extends its invitation to all global stakeholders to observe the electoral process; and at the same time urges the worldwide community to provide support and assistance in bringing back normalcy in the Maldives, and requests the global community to refrain from any actions that could hinder resolving the situation the country is facing", the President's Office added. "Because from the start the government has been looking to work closely with the worldwide community".