Conspiracy theories about Florida school shooting survivors have gone mainstream


A notice on the video now says, "This video has been removed for violating YouTube's policy on harassment and bullying".

In the days after suspected gunman Nikolas Cruz opened fire in the halls of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, David Hogg has demanded government officials consider stricter gun laws.

An aide to a Florida legislator was sacked Tuesday after claiming two survivors of a Florida high school shooting who spoke to CNN were not students, but instead "actors that travel to various crisis when they happen". The shooting in question left 17 Marjory Stoneman Douglas students and faculty members dead. One of the videos under the trending topics has more than 1 million views and also accuses Hogg of being a crisis actor.

On Facebook, there are more than 100,000 posts talking about Hogg, as the student activist became a trending topic by Wednesday morning.

"This video should never have appeared in Trending", YouTube said in a statement.

The action came hours after the tech site Motherboard reported that the video, asserting false claims about David Hogg, was among the top trending videos on YouTube.

It and many others claim to "expose" Hogg as a "crisis actor", the term conspiracy theorists use to discount firsthand accounts by people in news stories that they insist are hoaxes.

Just yesterday, Hogg was interviewed by CNN's Anderson Cooper, and has since debunked all these allegations that have painted his words in a negative light. The video was of a CBS 2 Los Angeles news report on a viral video Hogg posted a year ago showing one his friends in an altercation with a lifeguard, which you can see below.

Trump pushes suggestions to prevent gun violence
The proposal is supported by the NRA lobby and comes after the Valentine's Day shooting at a Florida school that killed 17 people. President Donald Trump on Wednesday said that arming school faculty "could very well solve" the "problem" of school shootings .

"The fact that these people are being critical of me as a witness and personally as a's unbelievable", Hogg said before arguing that students at his high school showed more maturity than some elected officials.

Theories stemmed from a video that emerged online of Hogg, a budding journalist, on the news on a beach near where he used to live in California.

Hogg addressed the claims that he was a crises actor in an interview with CNN.

The fact that Hogg's father, Kevin, is a retired Federal Bureau of Investigation agent adds to the conspiratorial line of thinking, since the Federal Bureau of Investigation acknowledged it didn't investigate tips on Nikolas Cruz, the Florida school shooting suspect.

"Outspoken Trump-Hating School Shooting Survivor is Son of FBI Agent; MSM Helps Prop Up Incompetent Bureau", reads the other tweet.

"I was a witness to this". David filmed the interaction, and the video went viral, which led to a segment on CBS Los Angeles.

An aide to Florida State Representative Shawn Harrison was sacked Tuesday after he falsely accused the two students of being actors, the New York Times reported.

YouTube did not immediately respond to a request for comment about the conspiracy video, or its policy for similar situations.