Wisconsin unemployment hit record low in December


Last December national unemployment was at 4.7 percent, while Wisconsin's was at 4.1 percent.

"What it's shown is that since December 2016 we've seen growth of nearly 40,000 jobs in Western Australia", Mr Cook told reporters.

The market faces a tough ask maintaining the extraordinary rate of job creation, with the near 400,000 lift in 2017 unlikely to be recreated this year, as the size of Australia's economy naturally constrains growth.

Queensland's unemployment rate rose to six per cent in December, with total employment falling by 3600.

"[It] makes up the majority of the 393,000 net increase in employment over the period".

The number of jobs added in December was a seasonally-adjusted 34,700, which built on the 61,000 jobs added in November.

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However, unemployment in December also ticked up a notch to 5.5 per cent as more people looked for work, pushing the participation rate up to 65.7 per cent.

In the 12 months to December 2017, employment increased 2.3 per cent, with almost all the gains in full-time work. [The] participation rate is at the highest level in seven years and we've seen already consumers' confidence at the highest level since November 2013.

The female labour force participation rate, which refers to both Australians who are employed or actively seeking work, also increased to a historical high of 60.4 per cent following a steady increase over the past year.

Full-time employment has grown by 303,400 in the past 12 months (and by 15,100 in December).

The number of jobs added in Australia is a key statistic for economists, businesses and the government. Employment increases in natural resources in 2017 followed heavy losses recorded over the previous two years (-6.4 per cent in 2015 and -7.3 per cent in 2016).