Twitch inks deal to broadcast exclusive content from top Disney YouTubers


The Video Producer tools are expected to go live on Twitch today, along with exclusive content made by one of the four aformentioned creators. This entitles the platform to exclusive content from four of YouTube's biggest stars, including Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, LuzuGames and Strawburry17.

To that end, Twitch creators are now able to create "Premieres", enabling them to schedule first-viewing events around an uploaded video, complete with countdown intros if required. Jacksepticeye and Markiplier are now both in the top 40 most-subscribed YouTube channels, and altogether the four YouTube stars boast more than 45 million subscribers.

"The growth of Twitch is based on listening to our content creators and building the features they need to be successful, including our robust approach to monetization, moderation, and interactive technology", said Michael Aragon, SVP of Content, Twitch. Some of these Disney Digital Network creators already have existing Twitch channels, but most of the new and exclusive content will debut beginning today.

Twitch has also unveiled Video Producer, a set of tools that will allow creators to edit and upload videos, as well as tweak saved livestream vods.

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Reruns - schedule a re-showing of a video to allow viewers to watch and chat along with the video once again.

The announcement comes alongside the launch of Twitch's new Video Producer creator tools created to somewhat shift the site's focus away from streaming, and give creators "more options, more control, and more opportunities to find viewers, grow an audience, and make a living doing what they love".

Casual streamers may have little use for Twitch Video Producer, but they could be a game changer for professional content creators like Markiplier and Twitch's other new partners. How about the new tools imbedded in Twitch for on-demand content?