Trump puts federal libel law on 2018 agenda, escalating complaints against media


However, like all Americans, Trump has the right under federal law to keep health information from public disclosure.

Here in the U.S., there is a lot of media interest in the president's health and Donald Trump was asked about his medical check-up by reporters yesterday.

Trump's liberal detractors and even some Republicans have recently questioned his fitness for office.

Trump's private lawyers have threatened lawsuits, sending cease-and-desist letters to the book's author and publisher - and to former White House strategist Steve Bannon, who cooperated with author Michael Wolff, who was previously a columnist for USA TODAY.

During Trump's campaign, his personal physician, Dr. Harold N. Bornstein of Manhattan's Lenox Hill Hospital, wrote in a December 2015 letter: "Over the past 39 years, I am pleased to report that Mr. Trump has had no significant medical problems". This time, the proposal comes a week after the publication of a tell-all book about the White House that portrayed Trump in unflattering terms. The 25th Amendment allows for such removal if the Vice President and a majority of the Cabinet determine that the president is mentally or physically unable to carry out the duties of office.

"Hopefully", Mr. Trump said, " it will lead to success for the world - not just for our country, but for the world.

President George W. Bush's first physical was conducted by a panel that included a gastroenterologist, radiologist, optometrist, neurologist, orthopedist, audiologist, dermatologist, otolaryngologist, pulmonologist, urologist, cardiologist and podiatrist - but no psychiatrist or psychologist, at least one that was publicly disclosed.

Donald Trump
GETTY TURNING POINT Donald Trump's first physical exam could be a major event

The Pentagon also will look for ways to start the transition process for service members earlier during their time in uniform, the official said, though the timelines are not yet clear.

The White House announced that Trump would undergo a physical December 28.

Trump has claimed his physical health has always been strong.

I would suggest that, along with the physical exam Trump is to undergo this week, he should also be examined by a physician who is educated and experienced in diagnosing neurocognitive disorders such as Alzheimer's and dementia.

Press secretary Sarah Sanders has said the White House will provide a "readout" of the exam after it's completed.

Trump's personal doctor, Harold Bornstein, released a letter during the presidential campaign claiming the real estate mogul would be the "healthiest individual ever elected" and that his laboratory tests were "astonishingly excellent". "It's really important to get them during the first year to let them know what they're experiencing is normal in an abnormal circumstance". Since then, he has presided over a booming economy, obliterated ISIS, cut taxes and regulations, reduced unemployment, boosted the stock market, and sent consumer confidence to a 17-year high. Obama's exam reports chronicled his struggle to quit smoking. Jackson has been a physician to the president for three consecutive administrations, Sanders said.

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