Trump Insists Wall Has to Be Part of Any Immigration Deal


Trump's statement comes after a California federal judge blocked the Trump administration from ending DACA - a program that protects young undocumented immigrants from deportation.

"Trump told a bipartisan group of lawmakers on Tuesday that he wants a bill to allow young immigrants who were brought to the country illegally to remain, saying that such a measure should be "a bipartisan bill of love" and that "we can do it".

Trump's decision on DACA in September set an October 5 deadline for renewal applications, which would give recipients an another two years of legal residency in the United States.

"A lot of those anchors sent us letters saying that was one of the greatest meetings they've ever witnessed", he said. "Of course not everything is fixed".

Then on Thursday, a bipartisan group of senators presented the president with an agreement on new legislation for immigrants brought to the US illegally as children.

The Department of Justice, which is led by the adamantly anti-DACA Attorney General Jeff Sessions, said after the ruling that it would file an appeal, which could lead to the injunction being overturned. We can not wait. We can not tolerate delay.

Hincapie said that although the ruling was a positive sign, advocates are anxious that Dreamers will send in applications, including a almost $500 fee, and be rejected if USCIS has not yet implemented a process to accept renewals. "But that's what we're waiting on the government to do".

Trump was flanked at the table by Durbin and Rep. Steny Hoyer, D-Md., the highest ranking Democrats in the room, which is why they got those seats.

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President Donald Trump is known for his tough stance on immigration and his campaign promise to build a wall on the border with Mexico.

"A resolution to the DACA issue must be part of a global deal on the budget". We have been working for four months and have reached an agreement in principle that addresses border security, the diversity visa lottery, chain migration/family reunification, and the Dream Act-the areas outlined by the president.

But it also includes conservative priorities like cracking down on sanctuary cities, and provides no special pathway to citizenship for Dreamers.

"It was a tremendous meeting", Trump said during a Cabinet meeting at the White House.

In a post on Twitter yesterday, Trump wrote, "It just shows everyone how broken and unfair our Court System is when the opposing side in a case [such as DACA] always runs to the 9th Circuit and nearly always wins before being reversed by higher courts". "We need the wall for safety".

"I'll take all the heat you want... but you are not that far away from comprehensive immigration reform", the president said.

"I think you should add merit".