Trump Battles Fake News With Awards for 'most dishonest & corrupt media'


One day after President Donald Trump tweeted that he would be hosting an award show to honor "the most dishonest & corrupt media", Chrissy Teigen took to the social networking site to joke that she would be hosting the ceremony's red carpet. Trump's awards are likely to provoke significant backlash from news media organizations.

But that is still a few days away, and soon after Trump posted his tweet targeting the media, reactions on Twitter began pouring in.

It's unclear how Trump plans to dish out the awards-but this isn't the first time he's threatened to expose the mainstream media's rampant, anti-conservative bias by giving them fake news awards.

We can imagine America's media are waiting patiently for the outcome.

In November, Trump suggested there should be a contest among news networks, excluding Fox News, for the "Fake News Trophy". He added that the victor of such an award should get a "fake news trophy". Donald Trump may be serious about announcing these awards but Twitter was quite amused with the idea and did what they usually do with many of Donald Trump's tweets - troll him.

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Late in the evening, Fox News listed out some news stories of other networks that later proved to be inaccurate. You are fake news.' when pressed to allow Acosta to speak.

"The FAKE NEWS has utterly abandoned their duty to fairly report the news to the American people".

"ABC News MISTAKENLY reported that candidate Trump directed Michael Flynn to make contact with Russian officials before the election", it said.

We're only two days into the new year, and Donald Trump is already trolling.