Toyota drops GR Super Sport Concept, a race vehicle for the road


While that's the job of the Toyota Gazoo Racing team and its TS050 Hybrid race cars, the company has always claimed it is using lessons learned in racing to develop better cars - especially performance cars. Just unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Salon, it incorporates hybrid technology honed through participation in the FIA WEC - Toyota says it's composed of mostly the same main parts as the TS050 Hybrid race vehicle. Meanwhile, aerodynamically-designed quarter panels ensure the concept cuts through the wind effortlessly. Like the front grill, the rear also gets the same honeycomb grill design.

If there were ever a vehicle that embodies Toyota boss Akio Toyoda's passion for sports cars, this is surely it.

The driving force of the GR Super Sport Concept is a 2.4-liter twin-turbo V6 powertrain helped along by hybrid motors.

Many have pondered Toyota's continued involvement in WEC, with its only direct competitors - Audi and Porsche - having withdrawn from the sport. You look at Mercedes-Benz and it has the Project One, Aston Martin and Red Bull have the Valkyrie and now Toyota has something which it derives from its expertise at the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC).

Toyota Gazoo GR Super Sport Concept
Toyota presents the GR Super Sport concept at Tokyo Auto Salon 2018

"If the e-Palette Concept is the next generation of the horse-drawn carriage, the GR Super Sport Concept would be the polar opposite as the next-generation racehorse".

"Rather than developing production cars into sports cars, we aim to work out how to incorporate the know-how developed through races and rallies into production cars", GAZOO Racing Company president Shigeki Tomoyama said.

Whether the auto teased in this solitary photo is the same as the long-awaited Supra co-developed with BMW is yet to be seen, but Toyota says the new GR Super Sport Concept "reveals the direction for next-generation sports cars". However, Toyota says it does give us a taste of what the company aims to achieve with its next-generation sports cars.

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