Spotify Adds 'Spotlight' Multimedia Format


Today, it's debuting a new "multimedia format" that adds visual elements to podcasts (as well as audiobooks, news bites, and other audio, but for the sake of simplicity, let's just call all that "podcasts").

It has launched a new multimedia format, dubbed Spotlight, which sounds an bad lot like visual podcasts. Spotify's Spotlights will include photos, videos, and text in addition to audio, and is rolling out to U.S. users first.

Spotify has struggled to get traction with non-music content on its service in the past: whether licensing in online-video shows or creating its own shows and podcasts, there hasn't been much evidence that they have reached a large percentage of its 140 million active listeners.

When can you try Spotify Spotlight?

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Naturally, Spotify is also offering Spotlight content from its original series like RISE and Secret Genius.

Spotlight is the first major feature announcement we've seen from Spotify this year, which may prove significant as the popular music streaming company is expected to launch an IPO sometime in this year's first fiscal quarter.

Spotify said more content will become available throughout the month of February 2018, and the lineup will include a range of categories from pop culture to sports, politics, and music.

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