See Hugh Jackman, Margot Robbie in this hilarious 'Dundee' clip


Unlike his father, Brian grew up a true city kid. With the help of Wally Jr. New additions include Hugh Jackman as the Prime Minister, Margot Robbie as Lil' Donk, Russell Crowe as J.P. Steele, Isla Fisher as Dr. Clark, Ruby Rose as Chief Jackson, Liam Hemsworth as Wes Windsong, Jessica Mauboy as Miss Thompson and Luke Bracey as the Cricket Legend.

Earlier in January, it was reported that "industry sources" suggested that the new Dundee project was not a major motion picture, but, in fact, a very elaborate ad campaign for Tourism Australia. However, this time around there are a few changes - perhaps the biggest of all being that it's likely to not actually be a real film, but a star-studded Superbowl commercial promoting tourism in Australia.

This latest teaser trailer really emphasizes its Australian setting by cramming a who's who of Aussie talent into this two minute video.

After the release of the Official Cast intro trailer, fans have been begging for this film to be made.

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It was written and starred Paul Hogan as the Australian bushman Michael "Crocodile" Dundee.

The Pitch Perfect star wrote on Twitter, "When I enquired about the rights a year ago, Paul Hogan apparently said: 'Crocodile Dundee could never be played by a woman!'" Paul created the character of Mick Dundee, a weathered Australian crocodile hunter, for the 1986 action-comedy, which became a surprise smash hit around the world, earning £232 million at the box office.

The short is produced by Rimfire Films - the company responsible for the original Crocodile Dundee films - and the plot is definitely worthy of a feature length film of its own.