Samsung Announce Mass Production Of 2.4Gbps 8GB HBM2 Modules


Unlike the first generation Samsung HBM2, codename Flarebolt, which peaked at 2.0Gbps, the new Samsung 8GB HBM2 chips, codenamed Aquabolt, operate at higher 2.4Gbps data rate per pin and are made with a new TSV design and thermal control technologies. Aquabolt gets the job done at 1.2V. "We will continue to reinforce our command of the DRAM market by assuring a stable supply of HBM2 worldwide, in accordance with the timing of anticipated next-generation system launches by our customers".

HBM is a new type of dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) for processing data and is used for supercomputer, network and graphic card due to its exceptionally high processing speeds.

The 8GB Samsung Aquabolt HBM2 will also provide a massive 307 Gbps bandwidth, allowing it to achieve over 9.6 times the data transfer of its 8GB GDDR5 counterpart.

Samsung's new Aquabolt significantly extends the company's leadership in driving the growth of the premium DRAM market. Samsung said it has achieved 2.4Gbps for the first time in the industry by using its core technologies such as "signal transmission optimized designing" and "heating control".

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Samsung Electronics exceptionally labeled a brand name Aquabolt for the latest HBM2 DRAM chip. The 8GB HBM2 single packages have 8 x 8Gb HBM2 dies that Samsung vertically interconnects with over 5000 TSVs (Through Silicon Via's) per die. Using that many TSVs can cause collateral clock skew although Samsung was able to minimize the skew and boost chip performance in the process.

Samsung also added more thermal bumps between the HBM2 dies, something that will help with heat dissipation and it also doubles as a protective layer at the bottom of the HBM2 stack.

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