PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Hits 3 Million Players on Xbox One


In just a month, has gone from being the fourth most played Xbox One game to seeing over three million players. As a matter of fact, PUBG managed to draw in a huge crowd with a player count of over 1 million within its first 48 hours of being available for Microsoft's current generation console in "early access". Creator Brendan Greene told Kotaku in December that the vast majority of PUBG cheaters are now based in China, where cheating in online games is "seen as kind of a little bit more acceptable" than it is in other regions.

And yet it is also hugely popular, and many game reviewers have hailed it as the best game of 2017. Some players are having trouble finding Squad games with people that speak their language and are being paired with Chinese players, which doesn't sound like a very enjoyable experience at all. "[The studio has] already released four updates since the game's launch in Xbox Game Preview on December 12". PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds continues its reign as a sales behemoth and as a smart move for Microsoft.

PUBG is now a console exclusive on Xbox One, and an important one at that. Xbox One gamers were faced with many issues while playing the game such as frequent crashes. As soon as the players land, they can explore the various buildings in search of weapons, vehicles, clothing, armor, tactical equipment, medicines, and other things.

Black Eyed Peas - 'Street Livin
Although they are renowned for their frantic productions and club beats, BEP has tackled political messages on tracks like "Where is the Love" in the past.

Developer Bluehole has been very active with updates for the early access version of PUBG on Xbox One. A tweet from the official PUBG Twitter account announced the release time for the patch, as well as releasing the full patch notes for the current test build.

The game's Xbox One launch, however, didn't go without its hiccups.

This particular PUBG update brings minimal gameplay changes, and adds two new cosmetic crates.