Passport may no longer be valid proof of address


It also examined other cases related to passport issues of children with single parent and adopted children. This was stated by the MEA on Friday.

The last page also contains information such Emigration Check Required (ECR) and old passport number with date and place of issue of that passport. Under the new scheme, the passport will no longer be a document as proof of address.

According to a report in Hindustan Times, Surendera Kumar, under-secretary of policy and legal matters at the Consular, Passport and Visa Division of the ministry told the newspaper that the decision to keep the last page blank was to protect the details of the passport-holder mentioned in the document. The Ministry of External Affairs, the nodal ministry for issuing passports has also made a decision to provide a separate passport of orange colour for the Emigration Clearance Required (ECR) category.

"The ministry has examined the recommendation of the Committee in consultation with various stakeholders, examined the guidelines of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) regarding machine-readable travel documents and decided that the last page of the passport and other travel documents issued under the Passports Act, 1967, and Passport Rules, 1980, would no longer be printed", the spokesperson said.

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However, this legendary proof of existence will soon vanish, because Govt of India is planning to create a new design of the passport, with new colours and new features. Reason behind specifying the address in last page is that this last page won't be there doesn't influence the passport office and the immigration department (or security organizations) since they have each of the details of the identification holder in the back-end.

New passports for citizens who have Emigration Check Required (ECR) status will have orange cover jackets, instead of the traditional dark blue.

If the Ministry says yes to the plan, then the changes may be applicable from next series onwards and the current passports will remain valid, reported HT. Government officers have a white passport, diplomats have issued red passports and all others are blue. However, it was abolished and the blue passports were introduced with the ECR stamps. The ECR is at present stamped on the first two pages of the passport.

Booklets with new orange jackets will be designed and printed at the Indian Security Press (ISP) in Nasik.