Passenger plane skids off runway and gets stuck dangling off cliff edge


Dramatic images from CNN Turk broadcaster showed the plane dangerously hanging off a cliff several metres from the Black Sea, its wheels stuck in mud.

A passenger jet has skidded off a runway and got stuck in the mud on the edge of a cliff in northern Turkey.

Initial pictures from the crash on Saturday evening showed the plane's tail end poking up from the cliff at a horrifying 45 degrees.

A Pegasus Airlines aircraft is pictured after it skidded off the runway at Trabzon airport by the Black Sea in Trabzon, Turkey, January 14, 2018.

The airport was shut down as firefighters rushed to the scene and doused the plane in water.

Turkey: plane overruns runway
Plane skids off runway in northern Turkey

Trabzon Governor Yucel Yavuz said a crisis desk had been set up after the accident.

Pegasus said in a statement the aircraft had been successfully evacuated and no injuries were reported. "There was panic, people shouting, screaming", she told state-run news agency Anadolu.

The cause of the incident was not known and an investigation is under way.

Passengers panicked. "We tilted to the side, the front was down while the plane's rear was up".

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