OR descends into madness, forces citizens to pump their own gas


Thanks to a new law that took effect Monday, residents in some rural OR counties will soon be allowed to pump their own gas.

So let's set the record straight: The new law allows counties such Crook, Jefferson, Malheur and Wallowa with 40,000 people or less to switch to self-service gas stations, meaning business will continue as usual for more than 90 percent of Oregon's population.

When a CBS affiliate in Medford, Oregon, asked its Facebook followers to comment on the new legislation, the responses became a viral sensation.

One comment reads: "I don't even know HOW to pump gas and I am 62, native Oregonian.... I don't want to smell like gasoline!" another woman wrote. Now, drivers may pump their own gas in almost half of Oregon's 36 counties.

"I grew up, born and raised in Washington, and I think it's silly that we can't pump our gas, or couldn't before", Andrew Hoggate of Lyle, Washington said.

The job was reserved for gas station employees, as was once the case in most places including Tennessee and other Mid-South states. I can remember walking to the gas station with a coffee can to get gas for the lawnmower as a child, pumping the explosive liquid myself, then carefully walking back while trying to keep the stuff from sloshing over the sides.

"FEAR NOT OREGON! I've made a decision to move to Oregon to open a school to teach people how to pump their gas". Up until now, the state was just one of two in the U.S. that forbade them to do so.

While the law will require everyday citizens to pump their own gas, the Americans With Disabilities Act ensures gas stations provide assistance for the elderly and disabled.

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KGW reporter Katherine Cook posted on Twitter on Wednesday about her adventures on a road trip to Colorado, which marked the first time she had to pump gas.

"Yuck! Pumping my [own] fuel in freezing temperatures and handling a nasty ole fuel nozzle that 50 other people have touched that day (and who knows what cooties are on there), no thank you".

"We are going to take advantage of it", he said.

Dan Jones, who operates a Chevron station in Malheur County in eastern OR, said the law would have no economic impact on his business and would allow him to promote from within.

The new law is causing concern for some drivers in OR for a variety of reasons.

Something obvious to one country may be completely foreign to another and it seems filling up your vehicle yourself is one of those things, as a recent law change in OR has revealed.

Since 1951 gas stations have been required to have attendants pump gas for customers. Yes, these jobs are low wage, but they still can get people employed overall.