NY bombing suspect pleads not guilty


"In selecting this time and place, Ullah's alleged objective in the Port Authority bombing was painfully clear: to inflict as much damage as possible, and to strike fear into the hearts of New Yorkers in the name of ISIS", U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman said when announcing the indictment.

Akayed Ullah, 27, botched the attempt, injuring himself during the holiday season attack in a passageway near the Port Authority Bus Terminal in midtown Manhattan. Ullah reportedly said, "At this moment, not guilty", when asked to enter his plea.

The 27-year-old stands charged with providing material support to a terrorist organization and other counts in the December 11 attack.

A NY man pleaded not guilty Thursday to trying to bomb a subway station, an attack that injured no one seriously but himself.

Provoking fleeting panic on December 11, 2017, the attack caused no physical injuries except for Ullah, whom authorities rushed to Bellevue Hospital where doctors stitched him up and dressed his wounds.

Akayed Ullah was indicted by a jury in the Southern District of NY on six counts, including attempting to provide support to the Islamic State and attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction, the office said.

Three commuters near Ullah during the incident at morning rush hour suffered headaches and ringing ears, in what authorities quickly pronounced a terrorist attack.

Ullah had a pipe bomb strapped to his body with Velcro when it went off inside the station.

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Investigators said Ullah admitted he built the bomb at his apartment on Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn and was self-radicalized by ISIS videos he had watched online.

Authorities also found a passport in Ullah's name with the handwritten notation: "O AMERICA, DIE IN YOUR RAGE".

Federal public defender Amy Gallicchio, Ullah's attorney, spoke to reporters outside the courthouse.

The suspect, a Bangladeshi man, was in the USA on a chain migration visa, Department of Homeland Security Press Secretary Tyler Houlton said at the time.

He will be arraigned before Judge Sullivan.

According to court documents, Ullah made a taunting Facebook post directed at President Donald Trump before the attack.

Meanwhile, Ullah will seek medical attention inside Manhattan's Metropolitan Correctional, where attorneys say that he needs treatment to remove his stitches and replace his dressing.