New Dell Mobile Connect software brings your mobile apps to PCs


On the software side, busy techies are sure to look forward to Dell Mobile Connect, an application that allows PCs to mirror the screens of Android or iOS devices via a wireless connection.

It's a first of a sort for Dell, which built its business on quickly-assembled, quickly-shipped PCs that used the latest Intel hardware. Dell points out that the intention is for PC to smartphone integration and casual mobile gaming, not media streaming and action gaming.

Many companies seem to be examining ways to bring smartphone functionality to larger computing devices, but Dell Mobile Connect makes a case for both average consumers and enterprise customers to make the PC/smartphone connection with its simplicity and functionality. The app syncs calls and notifications, lets you respond to them from your PC, and when connected to an Android phone, can mirror its screen completely so that you can navigate apps right from your computer.

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Essentially, the Dell Mobile Connect app allows your PC to do everything your phone can do, Inditzky said, including such specialized tasks as using an Android Uber app to find the nearest location of a auto, or simply playing a round or two of Angry Birds.

The company also noted that the connection between your phone and PC remains secure through a point-to-point connection, never going through the internet or WiFi routers. However, you are still forced to split your time between your phone and the PC as they are fundamentally different from each other, and don't really work well together most of the time. Dell also offers a version of Mobile Connect for Alienware PCs, which is called Alienware Connect.

You'll need to hover over a Dell Mobile Connect notification to reveal its contents, for privacy's sake. Once your phone receives a notification, Dell Mobile Connect will pass it along-but won't show the entire message. Not only does it display notifications, it even allows you to interact with them, such as accept or reject calls and even control apps on your smartphone.