Microsoft plots Fable return


New title said to be early in development. It is also being said that the massive success of Horizon Zero Dawn has inspired Microsoft to invest in a RPG which is a single player title and will reap enough business unlike other games which often rely on expansion packs and providing a multiplayer experience encouraging players to keep paying for lootboxes.

It's said that over 200 people are set to start working on the game soon, which means that it could be several years until we see anything even playable.

Development of the new story based Fable RPG is being handled by Playground Games, the team behind the Forza Horizon titles. Not really surprising there, but good to see what direction the next game will be going.

Microsoft's decision to return to the much-loved fantasy world of Albion comes less than two years after it shut down Fable creator Lionhead and cancelled Fable Legends. According to sources close to the project, the new Fable game will be a "big-budget" affair, although unsurprisingly Microsoft is presently saying nowt on the subject.

The game is said to be in its early days of development, with the studio now in the double digits staff-wise and hiring to reach its triple digit target.

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Although Microsoft has yet to officially announce that a new Fable game is in the works, more and more sources are coming out to confirm there is in fact one in development. And Playground's efforts could very well result in Fable 4.

Fable franchise is a worthy addition to the console and if it is on par with Horizon Zero Dawn, it might be the exclusive that Xbox One gamers are looking forward to own.

Ted Timmins, an ex-Lionhead veteran who now works at Microsoft studio Rare on Sea of Thieves, told Eurogamer: "I was a Fable (Project Ego!) fan before I was a Fable developer, so the thought of one of my favourite franchises of all time rumoured to be making a comeback excites me greatly".

He doesn't doubt, however, that the team at Playground is "very talented" and will do a "fantastic job".