Letterman Nabs Obama as First Guest for New Netflix Show


Former President Barack Obama will give his first talk show interview since leaving office to David Letterman.

Netflix has taken the wraps off David Letterman's new six-episode talk show series.

The first episode will be available on Netflix from Friday 12 January, and each of the new episodes will be released once per month after that. But as any comedian will tell you, staying out of the spotlight isn't easy.

One of the greatest talk show hosts of all time, David Letterman retired from his gig on Late Show back in 2015.

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David Letterman's new Netflix talk show will launch on January 12 with the first post-presidency talk show interview with Barack Obama.

A recent Gallup survey showed that for the 10th straight year Obama is the most admired man in America. Obama visited the late-night staple eight times while Letterman was the host - three times while he was president, according to The Hill.

Letterman resigned from his post at "The Late Show" in 2015 after almost 22 years at the helm.

With a title like that, Letterman will need to bring on some truly top-notch guests - and he delivers. But if we're lucky, this could just be the beginning of Letterman's work at Netflix.