LeSean McCoy: Buffalo Bills running back listed as 'day-to-day' by Sean McDermott


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Nobody, not even Tom Coughlin himself, had any idea if it was going to work. They were peaking at the right time in December and one could argue their season-ending slump was deceiving. He has eight career carries in the NFL. But unfortunately, their opponent is the Jaguars, who will be just as hungry for victory in their first home playoff game in 18 years. Despite Bills fans vitriol towards Marrone, the Jaguars head coach isn't looking in the rear view. One pick-six or fumble recovery could be all the Jags need in a low-scoring contest to make the difference.

It began with a bang, though. Marrone opted out of contract with Buffalo in December 2014 and walked away with $4 million. Spiller complemented by Fred Jackson, a small college player whose scrappiness came to embody Buffalo football during the many lean years between playoff appearances.

The writer goes on to insult football fans - drawing on a Psychology Today discussion of "super-fandom" as a source - something appropriately middlebrow. "What else is there?"

Buffalo won three of their last four games and thanks to an historic choke job performance from the Baltimore Ravens, get to go to the playoffs. We're trying to win today. When the Bills acquired Kelvin Benjamin from the Carolina Panthers, their offense got much, much better. White's athleticism and technique have allowed for him to make big plays against opposing passing attacks. "This is all nice and dandy, but winning is what this thing is all about".

Buffalo's roster has changed over significantly since Marrone left.

And, like most tricks, it seems played out, and just a bit sad. However, since Jacksonville ranked 21 against the run during the regular season, the Bills could try their luck on the ground. Additional seating increased capacity at EverBank Field to 67,932. "The last two games, he's played well". Poyer enters the playoffs with a three-game interception streak. He also had a team-high 59 receptions. Coughlin was in charge of the draft, and his first class was pretty darn good. He's dealing with his own injury (quad) but looked to be his old self last week against the Titans (136 total yards from scrimmage). We all starting writing about how maybe Bortles was the franchise quarterback the Jaguars picked him to be. Dede Westbrook could also see significant snaps in Lee's place.

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McCoy shed his walking boot Thursday and noted that his biggest concern is the ability to cut without experiencing a lot of pain. "A to Z really". I talk a lot about that. It didn't just start when he was here. It grows every single day. McDermott did say McCoy is maximizing his treatment opportunities. "I think that was on display against the Dolphins when Murphy stepped up and Mike Tolbert did as well".

Jokes aside, the Coughlin-Marrone-Caldwell relationship has worked better than many believed.

The Jaguars finished the season tied for fifth in turnover margin at plus-10. And they've been successful in large part because of Coughlin's influence. "It doesn't matter who gets the credit or what happens".

"We just have to understand to take it day by day and treat it just like the last 16 or 17 weeks". Whereas maybe people thought on the outside it might have been something different than that.

"I'm telling you the truth. Like I said, it's been great".