Kamya Punjabi Speaks About Shilpa Shinde


Hina reminded Vikas that she did not put her foot on the photo and he can not cry about it later as he was the one who asked her to do it. Hina tells him that he stooped to another level by asking her to do it. Shilpa tells Hina that if she cared so much, she should have pressed the buzzer and quit the task and the latter questions that why she would do it. As the last task of Bigg Boss 11 comes to a close, Dictator Vikas Gupta plays his masterstroke and reveals Hina Khan's true personality. The Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain actress is followed by Hina Khan, who is behind her by just a handful of votes. She also pointed out that Shilpa gets conscious in western wear. Astonished by his order, Hina has no option but to oblige. Then he asks her to stamp on his family photo and she again pretends to do it, she actually steps around the photo. She pretends to crush the bracelet and he finds out she is faking it. Similarly, 12 commoners entered the house this season and soon viewers started identifying with them. Having ordered Shilpa around the previous day, he decides to take it easy today and only places a single order before her. He was then seen bitching about her with Shilpa Shinde. This meant Vikas will have to be content with only Rs 6 lakh for the time being.

During the task, Vikas managed to make Puneesh and Shilpa press the buzzer.

For Sunday grand finale night, Salman Khan will be gracing Bigg Boss 11 looking dapper in a formal suit.

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Although, no official confirmation has been made in this regard so far, but if the reports turned out to be true, it will be a fight between Hina Khan, Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde in Bigg Boss 11 grand finale. Puneesh Sharma, who was also present there, spoke up for Hina and told Vikas-Shilpa that they are wrong. And we have to laud Vikas for giving it back to everyone who made homophobic comments on him.

Friday wasn't the last day of Bigg Boss 11 officially, but it was treated like the last day.