Intel Spectre and Meltdown update will make computers 'immune' to bug


These vulnerabilities impact Windows, Linux, iOS, macOS, tvOS, and Android devices.

Intel paid hundreds of millions of dollars to recall its Pentium processors after the 1994 discovery of the "FDIV bug" that revealed rare but real calculation errors.

It has been discovered that a performance feature called speculative execution present on almost all modern computing system to optimise performance.

Although billions of computers and devices are vulnerable, security fixes are already being rolled out.

The relatively easy-to-implement exploit could give malicious apps a pathway to a device's kernel memory data.

This is a hardware-level bug that could allow attackers to access sensitive data stored in the kernel memory. The company, however, confirmed that it's not affected by this problem. Google's Project Zero team notes that "exploitation has been shown to be hard and limited on the majority of Android devices". The company says it hasn't found any reports of the vulnerabilities affecting customers as of now. The company said it believes there "is near zero risk to AMD products at this time".

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If your computer uses an Intel processor produced in the last decade, it probably contains the design flaw. "Exploits for these bugs will be added to hacker's standard toolkits", said Guido.

Google, Amazon and Microsoft Corporation are all making certain their tech is secure. Make sure your device is set to automatically update, but if that's not an option make sure you perform security updates over the next few weeks. This means that all mobile devices that use ARM architecture (and that's pretty much all of them) are now in danger of attack.

Past couple of days there was this commotion about Spectre and Meltdown vunrabilities in hardware, even Xbox One. "Intel has begun providing software and firmware updates to mitigate these exploits". But AMD also told its customers that "total protection from all possible attacks remains an elusive goal" and encouraged them to regularly update their software.

What's not quite so clear is the price you'll pay when those updates are installed. It's a part of the Software Engineering Institute, which is itself a non-profit that's largely funded by grants from the US Department of Defence.

BI said that while many companies put in place plans to sell stock well ahead of schedule, and Krzanich's sale - of 245,743 shares owned by him and 644,135 shares obtained by exercising his options - was made under such a plan, he only put the plan in place on 30 October. The latest cumulative update for Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 includes a fix for the vulnerability in some chipsets. Chrome web browser users are expected to receive a patch January 23.