Intel just showed off its first self-driving auto


Intel Labs has developed a neuromorphic research chip, code-named "Loihi,"which includes digital circuits that mimic the brain's basic operation. The primary focus of our discussions (on this issue) is to keep our customers data safe".

Speaking at the event in Las Vegas, Krzanich said the company had received no information indicating the exploits had been used to obtain customer data. "Security is job No. 1 for Intel and our industry", he said.

Besides the winter Olympics Intel is also extending this technology to the National Football League by having cameras installed in the helmets of players in order to offer viewers the perspective of the players.

Earlier in his presentation, Krzanich showed off the cameras that provide the wraparound views of sporting events and announced that Intel has opened a testing studio in Southern California to experiment with using the same technology to make movies.

While the earlier models were all about storing this data as a static commodity, now the data will move all around us at unimaginable speeds, Krzanich said.

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After the Storm Destruction in Southern California Mike Eliason Santa Barbara County Fire Department

"Data is the foundation of innovation", Krzanich said, as he outlined Intel's vision for technology. "Data is going to redefine how we experience life - in our work, in our homes, how we travel, and how we enjoy sports and entertainment". This HD mapping solution uses data collected from REM capable vehicles to create maps that are used for autonomous driving systems. The company's emergence in this area is no surprise, given it bought Mobileye, an autonomous auto software firm, for $15 billion previous year, but Intel seems to be making progress, demonstrating a auto with 12 cameras and a 180-degree field of view, letting the vehicle "see" up to 300 metres ahead.

Shares of Intel (INTC), which closed Monday at $44.74, losing 4.5% in the week, have been under heavy selling pressure ever since reports of a security vulnerability with its CPU chips.

Mr. Krzanich also announced a partnership with Paramount Pictures Corporation. Producing that type of immersive media requires powerful chips crunching massive amounts of data at a rapid clip, he added.

Speaking at the keynote address, Krzanich spoke on a diverse range of topics, but was first compelled to address the elephant in the room. The partnership will allow Intel to penetrate a lucrative market where restrictions have been placed on foreign firms.

Krzanich thanked tech companies and others for ongoing efforts made to protect computers against the new threat. By using these quantum chips, Intel and others believe that they can solve problems of much higher complexity than traditional silicon microprocessors-though Intel and its rivals have invested billions in continually improving those chips.

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