Infiniti will go mostly electric by 2021


In the longer term, Infiniti expects that hybrids and EVs will account for more than half of its worldwide sales by 2025, although certain models (like the large QX80 SUV) will still be powered by traditional petrol and diesel engines in certain markets.

Volvo has said from 2019 it will offer on its new models some form of electrification.

EPower is an unusual type of electrified-vehicle system.

While this is a fearless new world for Infiniti, its parent companies know a thing or two about EVs.

Meunier stops short of saying what will be in Infiniti's electrified stable of models, but notes what won't be in it: a hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle, which uses a lithium-ion battery as power storage device and are sometimes called FCEVs. The vehicle later was canceled, which he says "was a good thing".

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Infiniti has announced plans for an electrified future at the Detroit Motor Show, confirming that a clutch of new electrified vehicles will be on sale early in the next decade.

Revealed at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show, but obviously photographed elsewhere, the Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept foreshadows an upcoming flagship sedan featuring notable new engine technology. Nissan has gained PHEV technology with last year's acquisition of Mitsubishi. "What I love the most is what I can do to interior design", he said when highlighting the freedom electric auto design allows.

While no explanation has been given for the switch to electrification, Infiniti designer Karim Habib told Autocar that the proportions of the Q Inspiration could be turned into a fully electric model. The new '19 QX50 CUV is the VC Turbo's first application. "The Nissan group is ahead of the game in electrification and obviously we're going to take advantage of that".

The news comes following the Detroit Motor Show debut of the Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept - a vehicle that previews a new design direction for the brand.