Huawei to integrate Android Messages across their Android smartphone portfolio - The Keyword


Or you can just pick up a Huawei smartphone. The fact that the Android and RCS app will be default-loaded on Huawei's devices won't prevent people from using any of its alternatives because of the open nature of the Android ecosystem. This is a part of an integrated solution with Huawei's existing infrastructure.

USA networks may be under pressure to cut commercial ties with Huawei, but the company remains one of the world's biggest smartphone makers, briefly overtaking Apple in second place previous year in terms of sales.

HUAWEI is making it even easier for hundreds of millions of users to express themselves via mobile messaging by integrating Google's Android Messages across HUAWEI's Android smartphone portfolio. This makes way for Huawei to play a bigger role as smartphones for business use, as well as personal use - all around the world.

The company confirms that Huawei is going to start integrating Android Messages across its portfolio in the coming months.

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So, now all hail RCS messaging in near future.

Android Messages aka RCS - Rich COmmunication Service is designed to create an SMS-style cross-operator communications. "Huawei is a global leader in carrier network technology and collaborating on the Jibe RCS cloud and hub will accelerate the roll-out of RCS on carrier networks worldwide". This will allow for a faster process for RCS services to enable more subscribers to get access to RCS messaging. A year later, Google advanced its cause further when it rebranded its SMS Messenger app as Android Messages, and reached an agreement to make it the default messaging app on devices from LG, Motorola, Sony, HTC, ZTE, Micromax, HMD Global (Nokia), Archos, among others.

Below you'll see two quotes included with Huawei's press release for this partnership. Google does not mention any recent events regarding Huawei's U.S. entry in their blog post specifically - but you can bet recent announcements came into play.