Hezbollah blames Israel for auto bomb attack on Hamas official


Mohammed Hamdan suffered a leg injury on Sunday after a bomb planted in his auto detonated, Hamas' media group said in a statement.

A Hamas official was wounded in a auto bomb attack that struck the southern Lebanese city of Sidon on Sunday.

The target, Mohamed Hamdan, was not a publicly known Hamas figure in Lebanon and did not appear to have a public or political role.

Hamas leader Jihad Taha blamed Israel for the attack.

Hamdan was transferred to hospital, while security forces cordoned the area and firefighters rushed to the scene.

People inspect the parked vehicle belonging to Muhammed Hamdan who is allegedly member of Hamas after it exploded in Sidon Lebanon
Brother of top Hamas official in Lebanon said targeted in car bombing

The blast took place around noon (1000 GMT), the Lebanese army said in a statement.

Military and medical sources told AFP that a Hamas official was wounded, while Al Arabiya reported that Abu Hamza Hamdan was killed in the attack.

Tens of thousands of Palestinian refugees live in Lebanon, many of them in 12 camps across the country.

The group has previously accused Israel of being involved in the assassination of a number of its members inside and outside Palestine.

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