Health club chain quitting cable news on big-screen TVs


Life Time Fitness, a Minnesota-based chain, announced last week via Twitter that it will no longer show national cable news networks on any of its big screen TVs.

Life Time fitness says the change was prompted by "negative or politically charged content" that doesn't mesh with its healthy life philosophy.

The news can be upsetting and stressful, and "when you want to work on changing your mentality", Uchechi Egbuchulam told The New York Times. Local news is still allowed.

"Most of our members are using fitness equipment that has personal options on the machines that offer television, music, guided fitness routines, Netflix and other news and entertainment channels", Schimml said.

The decision, which she said was made after "an ongoing discussion for some time", kicked in at the start of 2018.

Life Time Fitness members will notice something different about their local gym as they set out to accomplish new fitness goals for the year.

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Life Time, founded in 1992 by Bahram Akradi, touts a "healthy and happy life for its members", according to its website.

"He said there was a new corporate policy", Miller said.

One study described in the Harvard Business Review found that people who watched just three minutes of negative news in the morning had a 27 percent greater likelihood of reporting their day as unhappy six to eight hours later, compared to a group that watched positive news focused on uplifting stories of resilience. There are Life Time gyms in Rockville, Maryland; Gaithersburg, Maryland; Columbia, Maryland; Fairfax, Virginia; and Reston, Virginia.

The decision has been met with mixed reactions.

"Viewing negative news means that you're likely to see your own personal worries as more threatening and severe, and when you do start worrying about them, you're more likely to find your worry hard to control and more distressing that it would normally be".