Haiti Volunteer to President Trump


Trump on Thursday questioned why the United States would want to have immigrants from Haiti and African nations, referring to some as "shithole countries", according to two sources familiar with the comments made in the White House.

As someone from South Shithole, Trevor is deeply offended by the president's remarks, The Daily Show tweeted of its South African-born host, Trevor Noah.

Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal denounced the comments, telling MSNBC, "This remark by the president of the United States smacks of blatant racism, the most odious and insidious racism masquerading poorly as immigration policy".

And people including Rantt News's co-founder and editor-in-chief Ahmed Baba, University of Pennsylvania assistant professor Ebony Elizabeth Thomas, and author and journalist Jonathan M. Katz have been educating with Twitter threads on exactly why Trump's alleged comments are harmful, inaccurate, racist, and anti-black. After all, Trump's supporters have long heralded his ability to "tell it like it is".

Hillary Clinton hit back at her former political opponent Donald Trump, accusing the man who beat her of holding "ignorant, racist" views. The reaction from our letter writers was swift and harsh, and much of it repeated the vulgarity used by Trump. "I can not believe that in the history of the White House and that Oval Office any president has ever spoken the words that I personally heard our president speak yesterday". Others soon took up the talking point. "We, along with the President, are committed to solving an issue many in Congress have failed to deliver on for decades". Carrie L. Rudd, a Republican, according to the Washington Times.

Biden apologized after a 2007 comment where he said of then-Senator Barack Obama: 'I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.

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All these comments imply that talking about grabbing women by their genitals, while objectionable, is normal and common. Jimmy Kimmel expressed his disbelief over Trump's statements saying it was "unfathomable" it is that he's running our country.

"Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?" the president asked. But he attracts a disproportionate share of racists to support him.

In the past year, we have been presented with an ever-growing multi-decker sandwich of presidential offensiveness - with ingredients including Trump lying about the threat climate change poses to humanity, describing another country's population as "criminals" and conducting diplomacy by threatening to destroy another country while boasting about the size of his "nuclear button".

And really, why shouldn't Trump be excited?

Trump has since denied making the comments. But supporters will quickly come forward to defend his underlying message - in fact, they are already doing so. "They can add up, and that becomes a risk, but on its own, and I don't know that it's a good thing for our country, but a lot of people kind of agree with what he said". But the genius of the "locker room talk" narrative is that it casts the president as normal and his critics as naive or schoolmarmish.

"The positive comment on Norway makes the underlying sentiment very clear", Colville said, warning that Trump's comments should not merely be brushed aside as "vulgar language".