Google's Wi-Fi Speed Labels For Android 8.1 Now Rolling Out


Although Android 8.1 has been out for a few weeks now, Google interestingly hasn't stopped adding new features to its latest software release. One reason could be proximity, where the network you're connecting to is nearer to your device than others.

When you're surrounded by public Wi-Fi networks, it's almost impossible to tell which is fastest without connecting to each one, conducting a speed test, and dutifully recording the results.

Mobile devices already show Wi-Fi signal strength via an icon with four or five bars.

These labels range from "slow" to "very fast", depending on the speed of the network.

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As Android Police points out, Google's Support page gives a brief summary of what these speeds allow you to do: for instance, on a slow network, you can make phone calls and send texts.

Fast: You can stream most videos. While Fast and Very Fast labels will suggest better suitability for streaming video. The speed ratings are only available on public Wi-Fi networks - private networks (those that require a password) do not display a speed rating since they're, well, private.

Google says that it's now rolling out a new feature to Android 8.1 users that'll show the speed of public Wi-Fi networks before you connect to them.

Android 8.1 brings speed labels, which let you preview which open Wi-Fi networks are fast and which are not. From there, locate Network rating provider and switch it to None.