Google Launched A New Directory To Know What Assistant Can Do


But it is beginning to spread the Google Assistant to more places, including cars with Android Auto, as well as more Android TV models.

LG Electronics is developing technology created to enable its appliances, televisions and other devices adapt to users and collaborate to handle tasks.

Google Assistant is still far behind Amazon's Alexa in terms of third-party apps support, but it is getting popularity with several new partnerships.

Of course, with over one million actions already available on Google Assistant, just finding out what the Assistant can do can be a bit daunting.

Google also says Google Assistant smart display speakers will be coming from JBL, LG, and Sony.

Google Launched A New Directory To Know What Assistant Can Do
Google Launched A New Directory To Know What Assistant Can Do

Google is trying to push Assistant into other devices in the home as well.

Hands-free Help From the Google Assistant: With voice command capabilities throughout the kitchen lineup, families can ask how much time is left on the microwave, set and adjust cooking mode, set temperature and time on the range, start a cycle on the dishwasher or set temperatures in the refrigerator.

LG's vision for its artificial intelligence platform includes enabling appliances, cars, air conditioners and other "everyday" devices to adapt to users' individual preferences as well as collaborate on tasks. Not only will the company host an exhibit called the Google Assistant Playground, but it has Assistant-related advertisements plastered on Las Vegas' monorail and on the casino-ridden strip.

"You won't have to study instruction manuals anymore".

Samsung Electronics used its press event to extol the South Korean company's strategy of making its broad array of offerings connected and enhancing them with digital brains of Bixby virtual assistant. Analysts say some consumers find it more natural to manipulate smart devices like door locks, lightbulbs and televisions with their voice instead of smartphone apps or dedicated remotes. Whether you're at the show or couldn't make it to Las Vegas this year, read on for all the big announcements from yesterday's Press Day and stay tuned to for additional coverage throughout the week. TV makers such as Hisense, Xiaomi, and Skyworth will be bringing Google's voice-activated helper to their Android TVs.

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