Google Duo Users can Make Calls to Smartphone Without Duo Installed


A user with username "turdbogis" on a thread mentioning that a Nexus 6P unit, without the Google Duo app installed, was showing up as having Duo installed on another phone. But it's struggled to overcome the network effects advantage of apps such as WhatsApp and Hangouts: No matter how good Google Duo is, when all of your friends and family member use a platform, it's hard to get them to switch.

In the latest update of Duo, Google brings some exciting features. The incoming call can be accepted or rejected using the accept button and can mute mic or change camera. Well, we have good news- Google has not added that feature, allowing Duo users to dial up and video chat with anyone on their contacts list.

Those who tested the feature noticed that it works with audio-only calls as well. App Preview Messaging could be another reason behind the to have supported App Preview Messaging since launch, albeit with a different UI, reports Android Police. It enables an app to operate as a part of Android, even if it is not directly installed by the user. Also, it will display a pop-up that lets the person block the caller from contacting again. One of the app's shortcomings has been an inability to call people who not on your contacts list and have not registered with the service.

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Obviously Google would prefer it if every Android user made a decision to roll with Duo for their video messaging needs. But, most of the Google messaging apps are caught up in a hitch at this stage, pushing few users towards either Allo or Duo.

Google loves to introduce new apps from time to time and sometimes they become standalone options.

Google said it'd make App Preview Messaging available to all developers after an initial preview program, but that's yet to happen.