Google can now predict flight delays


First announced earlier this month, Google Flights now shows the various tiers available when you're buying a ticket, as well as what you get with those different price points. This won't make that ultra-basic flight any more pleasant, but it could help you decide whether or not the savings are really worth the extra hassle. For example, if a certain connecting flight has a delay, the system might predict a high likelihood of delays for other flights. You can see the predictions simply by using Google to search your flight number or route.

Now that more airlines are starting to offer "basic economy" fares, Google Flights will start to include those fares in search results.

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Google Flights will now try to predict when flights will be delayed using historical flight status data, and it will also now tell you what amenities are not included in a basic economy fare.

Google said it will show users possibly delays only when its computers are "at least 80% confident in the prediction". Predictions aside, Google Flights also now shows relevant info for customers who are flying under budget fares, including baggage fees, overhead bin space, and whether the customer can choose their own seat. Google explains that these low-priced fare types can be "great for people traveling on a budget, but it can be confusing to understand whether important options- like overhead bin space, ability to select your seat, and baggage fees- are included in the fare". It's initially doing so for American, Delta and United flights worldwide.