Ford the Latest Automaker Accused of Cheating


German prosecutors said on Thursday they had launched another probe into Robert Bosch GmbH over its suspected involvement in emissions test cheating - this time in relation to its work with Volkswagen's premium carmaker Audi.

More specifically, the suit alleges Ford and Bosch put so-called "defeat devices" in some of Ford's Super Duty diesel trucks, which the suit says allows the vehicles to pollute at "up to 50 times legal limits".

Reuters is reporting that Ford considers the accusation to be false, stating there are no defeat devices in its Power Stroke diesel engines.

The lawsuit, submitted in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of MI, also named German auto provider Robert Bosch GmbH as an offender.

Ford truck owners filed a lawsuit against the auto company Wednesday claiming it rigged thousands of trucks to beat emissions tests. A defeat device is software created to fool emissions tests by allowing a vehicle to boost its performance, but pollute substantially more in real-world driving.

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At least six Ford customers have signed on to the lawsuit, which will seek class-action status, and Hagens Berman said it's received "significant" interest from other potential clients.

"All Ford vehicles, including those with diesel engines, comply with all U.S. EPA emissions regulations" according to a statement sent by Ford spokesman Mike Levine. "We will safeguard ourselves against these baseless claims".

In 2017, Bosch agreed to pay $327.5 million to USA owners of Volkswagen AG vehicles for its part in setting up illegal emissions-cheating software. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, General Motors and Mercedes have all been accused of diesel emissions cheating, although the rash of allegations began with the case against Volkswagen.

Bosch noted the "sensitive legal nature of these matters" in its response to a request for comment.

In a statement Wednesday, Bosch stated accusations against the company "remain the subject of investigations and civil litigation" and it takes accusations of diesel software application adjustment "very seriously".