Dog walks 40 miles to find her former owners


According to the Seminole Humane Society in Oklahoma, the previous owners of a six-year-old Great Pyrenees mix named Cathleen moved and could no longer keep her.

'Her heart wants to be with them but they can not keep her, ' the animal shelter said in a Facebook post.

In fact, she missed them so much that she embarked upon a 20-mile journey back to Seminole from Prague to reunite with them, twice. "She's probably traveled the most out of all our dogs". Seminole Animal Shelter Treasurer Marta Mattingly said the organization had reached out to them and would post on Facebook if the family agreed.

An animal control officer picked up Cathleen in Seminole, where the dog was seen wandering the neighborhood where the family lives after she was sent to Prague, the publication reported.

Animal shelter manager Rebecca Acker told BuzzFeed News that the lengths Cathleen went to to get back to her original family were definitely an outlier.

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The shelter praised the dog's qualities, describing her as "sweet" and "docile", and said she might seem "shy at first" but will become friendly and "open up" over time. She's a love bug.

The shelter says it's now sorting through many applications from families who are interested in adopting her.

This dog knew where she belonged, and distance was not an obstacle.

The adoption fee for Cathleen is $25. "We are working hard on just the ideal, secure place!" Cathleen was placed in a temporary home about 20 miles away from the family.