CES Loses Power For 2 Hours, Maybe Make Electronics For That?


North and Central halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center, the official venue for CES, were hit by a major power outage that lasted for nearly two hours on Wednesday, Jan. 10. About that heavy rainfall: Record-breaking rain on Tuesday had already caused a bit of chaos at CES, flooding a number of booths, including one belonging to Google.

"The power has gone out in the central hall at CES... sending thousands of attendees out of the LVCC, shutting down hundreds of expensive marketing activations and reminding us that none of this stuff works without electricity", he tweeted. Even still, at least the power was restored shortly thereafter. Again, thank you for your patience during this time.

In a joint statement the Las Vegas Visitor and Convention Authority, NV Energy and Consumer Technology Association (CTA), said condensation from yesterday's rain was what led to the outage.

That was enough to cut the power Wednesday, even though the sun had come out by then.

After close to two hours without power, electricity was restored and the areas that had been evacuated reopened. The cause of the power outage was not immediately known.

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As one would expect at an event filled with tech enthusiasts, plenty of pictures and videos of the eerily darkened scene hit Twitter during the outage, with the hashtag #CESBlackout quickly becoming a top trending topic.

CES is "the world's gathering place for all those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies", says the world's largest consumer tech show's website.

What happens to all those internet-connected refrigerators, robots and other devices when the power goes out? Some meeting rooms in South Hall also lost power. Intel had a tongue-in-cheek announcement for a product called "Blackout".

Introducing Blackout™: The biggest thing to hit #CES2018 since #5G.